Shape Elements 2


Shape Elements


An interesting fact about Shape Elements is that we hadn’t planned to put it on sale. It was one of our internal projects within our studio that was used to boost workflow and increase productivity.

In 2014, it was revealed to the public for the first time and met with an amazing response. Then it went on to become one of our top selling projects. After undergoing thousands of tweaks and updates, along with feedback from clients incorporated into it, Shape Elements received multiple awards and gave us a chance to attract more talented illustrators, animators and programmers to continue innovations and move the industry forward. We are proud of the fact that it is now utilized by motion designers all over the world.

The main aspect is the small details that make up all successful projects, and that is what is being focused on here. Moreover, it is perfectly integrated with Pack Manager, our free project manager plugin, which will skyrocket your experience to an unseen level.


Skate Close-up
Rainy Fashion
Elevator Dancing
Break Dance
Rock and Saber
Shape Logo Reveal
Summer Watermelon
Shape Opener Countdown


Let`s admit it: tech descriptions can be overwhelming, so we decided to go non-traditional way:

[Feature Name]

And WHAT?! – [What does it really mean for you, how it will benefit you.]



Compatible with Free Pack Manager plugin

(!Plugin is Required!)

And WHAT?! – Work SUPERFAST with a project and enjoy all awesome features below.

3 Machines License

(!Internet Connection is Required!)

And WHAT?! – 1 license = 3 machines. 1 machine use at a time.



And WHAT?! – Navigation is GORGEOUS. You do NOT need ANY instructions to start.


And WHAT?! – Keep transitions you LOVE in one place.


And WHAT?! – Open up to 5 packs with your main project at the same time. NO LAGS!

Smart Search

And WHAT?! – Suggestions and hashtags help FIND what you are looking for in less time.

Sorting by Length

And WHAT?! – Find the transition to fit your project FAST!

Smart Import

And WHAT?! – Continue to work from the place you left of. And it READS your MIND.


And WHAT?! – SHORT explaining videos, in case you need help.


And WHAT?! – English, Korean, French, Japanese – plugin works with ANY of 204 languages.

Save Time

And WHAT?! – Time = Money. Save x10 – x100 times on a single project.

Low Memory Usage

And WHAT?! – If your machine can run After Effects, our plugin will SKYROCKET.

Premium Support

And WHAT?! – We LOVE our products and we LOVE our customers even MORE. Average response time: 12 hours.


And WHAT?! – ONE flexible TOOL to HELP with ALL types of projects.

  • (!Free Plugin Required!) Pack Manager
  • (!Internet Connection Required!) Automatic Updates (to stay up to date and deliver the best experience plugin needs to be connected to the internet at least once in 2-3 days. Do not download if you do not agree). Project will NOT work without internet connection!
  • Project contains tool for motion designers:
    • Pre-made scenes x100
    • Circles x22
    • Impacts x22
    • Lines x22
    • Rectangles x22
    • Swishes x12
    • Shapes x44
    • Splashes x22
    • Confetti x4 (pre-render)
    • Ouroborus x22 (pre-render)
    • Stroke Elements x66
    • Sparks x22
    • Sunburst x22
    • Titles x22
    • 3D Strokes x44
    • 3D Objects x22
    • 3D Elements x22
    • Transitions x12
    • Tear Transitions x12
    • Graphic x2
    • Speech Bubbles x8
    • Fireworks x4
    • Fireworks Toolkit (sound effects are not included)
    • Maps x4
    • Hands with phones+UI x4
    • Fingers x5
    • Quick Tips x22
    • Arrows x4
    • Color Palettes x50
    • BackGrounds x10
    • Splashes x22
  • CS5 and higher compatible
  • Fast Render
  • 35 categories
  • All elements are cropped and trimmed for better navigation
  • Low Memory Usage (5-10 times lower than regular AE project)
  • Comfortable Navigation with Live Previews
  • Resizable without loosing quality (except pre-renders)
  • Favorites
  • Multitask
  • Smart search
  • Sorting by Length
  • Smart Import
  • Tutorials
  • Multilanguage
  • Save Time
  • 3 Machines License
  • Premium Support
  • Flexibility

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