Update: Pack Manager 2.1

Pack Manager 2.1

December 24, 2017

[Improvement] Remove compositions in “My Pack”

[Improvement] New sorting interface

– [Improvement] Hide categories

Update: Pack Manager 2.0

Pack Manager 2.0

November 05, 2017

[New Feature] Add your compositions

[Improvement] Import with double click

– [Improvement] New Interface

– [Improvement] Play\pause previews

– [Improvement] Scroll speed, fps in settings

– [Improvement] Show names

– [Improvement] Resizable tabs (open as many packs as you like!)

Release: Liquid Elements Pack

Liquid Elements Pack

October 11, 2017

[New Pack] 300 animated Liquid Elements

[Improvement] Resize plug-in panel

– [Improvement] Resize previews

– [Improvement] Settings

Release: Free Motion Cafe UI Pack

Motion Cafe UI

September 07, 2017

[New Free Pack] UI Pack from Motion Cafe with 50 elements.

[Fixed] Scaling with low quality. Now you can scale without losing quality!

Release: Pack Manager 1.0 for Mac

Pack Manager 1.0 for Mac

JULY 11, 2017

The public release of Pack Manager for Mac.

Release: Shape Elements v.20

Release: Pack Manager 1.0 for Windows

Shape Elements v.20 and Pack Manager 1.0 for Windows

JULY 3, 2017

Shape Elements v.20:

All popular categories were doubled or tripled and added 5 new categories by users requests.

– (New) Loops x14 elements;
– (New) Rain x4 elements;
– (New) Steam x2 elements;
– (New) Social x22 elements;
– (New) Fake Text x1 element;
– (Updated) Rectangles +18 elements;
– (Updated) Circles +22 elements;
– (Updated) Impacts +44 elements;
– (Updated) 3d Strokes +44 elements;
– (Updated) Fireworks +22 elements;
– (Updated) Pre-made scenes +70 elements;
– (Updated) Hand-drawn elements +2 elements;
– (Updated) 3D Elements +10 elements;
– (Updated) Splashes +5 elements;
– (Updated) Hexagons +1 element;

Total +280 new elements.

Pack Manger 1.0:

The public release of Pack Manager for Windows.