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Seamless Transitions MOGRT

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This is a MOGRT version of our Seamless Transitions. Please use it if you experience any problem with native Premiere Pro transitions or if you’d like to get more control over transitions. If you bought the original Seamless Transitions this version should be available to you for FREE.


A pack of 1600+ Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro 2021+.


  • NO Placeholders! Just Drag n Drop!
  • 1600+ seamless transitions (Premiere Pro version has only 232 transitions at the moment)
  • Sound Effects are built in every transition
  • 15 categories (Basic Transitions, Blur, Fade, FishEye, Flares, Form, Glitch, Hit, Lense, Offset, Pixelate, Shake, Stretch, Tab, Cursor, Warp)
  • All Pack Manager features (fast preview, drag and drop import, favorites, etc.)
  • High-speed download
  • 1400+ new transitions!
  • Find transitions faster with a new filter system – click on the direction (“Left”, “Right”, “Clockwise”, etc.) and you’ll see only the transitions you need
  • Apply wiggle to all transitions in 1 click
  • 3 new styles to give your transitions the best look
  • Apply motion blur to all transitions in 1 click, makes your transitions look cooler!
  • The new animate button will do the hard work for you! Select a layer or a lot of layers and press the animate button, it will pick transitions, apply them to your layers and adjust transitions on the timeline for you!
  • The new slides button will create a perfect slideshow with your music, photos, and videos in 1 minute. Your slideshow will be perfectly matched with your music. You can also create a slideshow for all platforms at once (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) with a push of a button!
  • The reset button will return all settings to default
  • The new shortcut allows you to apply the animate button without even launching the plugin. It will help when you need a transition fast! You can even specify to only use transitions from your favorites!
  • New bounce transitions

What resolutions are included:

  1. FullHD – 1920×1080
  2. HD – 1280×720
  3. Vertical – 1080×1920
  4. Instagram – 1080×1080
  5. Instagram Ads – 1080×1350
  6. GoPro – 2704×1520
  7. DCP Flat – 1998×1080
  8. DCP 4K Scope – 4096×1716
  9. DCP 4K Flat – 3996×2160
  10. DCP 2K Scope – 2048×858
  11. 4K UltraHD – 3840×2160
  12. 4K Full Frame – 4096×3072
  13. 4K DCI – 4096×2160
  14. 4K Academy – 3656×2664
  15. 6K – 6144×2592
  16. Any custom resolution, drag n drop and the transition will auto-resize!


  • Basic Transform
  • Blur
  • Displacement
  • Fade
  • FishEye
  • Flares
  • Flip
  • Form
  • Glitch
  • Hit
  • Lense
  • Offset
  • Perspective
  • Pixelate
  • Shake
  • Simplified
  • Stretch
  • Tap and Cursor
  • Target Zoom
  • Warp



quote marks

I love these products. These are perfect for me and easily customizable. I own almost everything they make and use them, virtually, in every project I create. Helps me make a little more money by saving me time.

Joseph Martin


Verified Buyer


Drag N Drop

Intuitive interface that just works as you expect!

Perfect Timing. Always.

Adjust the transition to fit your scene perfectly.

Your Transition Will Look Like It Was There From The Beginning

Adjust the ease to fit the movement in your scene and make the transition more natural!

"Make it Awesome" Button

The magic button you always wanted! We spent months developing it! It is smart and animates your scene for you!

Secret Weapon On Demand

The plugin takes no space and you call it only when you need it!

Shake It!

Add wiggle to the transition to fit the camera movement in your video.

Make It Smooth!

Add blur to your transitions to add a sense of speed and smoothness into your video.

Creative tutorial in After Effects

How to use in Premiere Pro?


Premiere Pro CC 2021, CC 2022 or higher
After Effects Resolution Autoresizable
After Effects FPS Auto-adjustable from 30, 29.97
After Effects Files Included AEP (After Effects Project Files), Plugin Installer, Sound, Image Files
After Effects File Size 182MB
Premiere Pro Resolution Autoresizable
Premiere Pro FPS 30, 29.97
Premiere Pro Files Included MOGRT (Motion Graphics Templates), Plugin Installer, Sound, Image Files
Premiere Pro File Size 200MB
Preview Video and Music Not Included
Plugin Interface Languages English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese (Traditional)
After Effects Length less than a second, 10 seconds
After Effects Universal Expressions Yes
After Effects Editable Fonts This project does not have any fonts
After Effects Animations 442
After Effects Third-Party Plugins No
After Effects Vector No
After Effects Smart Controls Yes
After Effects Batch Export Yes
Premiere Pro Length less than a second, 10 seconds
Premiere Pro Universal Expressions Yes
Premiere Pro Editable Fonts This project does not have any fonts
Premiere Pro Archive Size 519 MB
Premiere Pro Animations 272
Premiere Pro Third-Party Plugins No
Premiere Pro Vector No
Premiere Pro Essential Graphics Controls Yes
1.06 (Current version) - January 07, 2021

Bug fixes and minor improvements.

1.0 - March 01, 2020

Initial release

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