Download or update AEJuice Pack Manager and other free plug-ins - AEJuice

We all like free stuff. Here is what we got for you:

  • Starter Pack – over 100+ assets for your projects (shape elements, montage transitions, Motion Cafe UI HUD, animation presets and flat icons).
  • Slides – Beginner Collection – automatic slideshow creation. No, seriously. You’ll get a perfect slideshow in 3 minutes.
  • My Pack – organize your assets for future use. It creates small previews and lets you import your .aep files on demand.
  • Copy Ease – a missing feature of After Effects. Shift+C to copy, Shift+V to paste. No windows. Only shortcuts.
  • Quick Folders – a fast way to access your projects, render files, scripts, and plug-ins.


We packed all the goodies in one installer and you can download or update AEJuice Pack Manager plugin here.

You can use ALL free in BOTH PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL projects.

Close After Effects before installing the plug-in.