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Michael Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

Compared to building bespoke effects for everything I needed this has been lightning fast with enough variety in the presets available to achieve most shots I needed. High quality and easy to work with, where there isn't time or budget to do everything from scratch this is an absolute god send! Terrific work on putting this together.

Hector Ramirez Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

This is gold, very well done, super intuitive, yet customizable if you know how to play with layers in AE. If you work with motion graphics, this is a no brainier. Totally worth the money. It will save you hundreds of hours editing and the results are high quality. Keep the good work guys!

Maha Mohtaseb Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

Awesome product as always from AEJuice. Speeds up workflow of otherwise time-consuming repetitive tasks. Jacob + team have a GOLDEN customer service and couldn’t be more responsive to my questions. Thank you!

AEJuice animation tools, plugins and presets

Wondering how you can revamp your work post-production? Take the video editing capabilities of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro beyond its baked-in functionality with AEJuice. We help motion graphics studios and post-production specialists “juice up” whatever they are working at, be it a social media, promo video, or video game project.

How? The AEJuice motion graphics company develops animation tools that video editing professionals can use as easy-to-install plugins and presets. Created by motion graphics designers for motion graphics designers, our products let you transform any footage to make it truly eye-catching.

Make the most of your motion design skills and animation software

AEJuice products are designed to help you do more with less time sitting in front of screens. Our animation presets and plugins are ready to use out of the box, which means you can:

  • Save dozens of hours worth of work as you tap into ready-made animations
  • Reuse what has worked for one project for all your future projects
  • Expand built-in features of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • Customize your animations and effects without additional fees
  • Improve your productivity and pick up more projects

We know what motion designers are looking for in animation tools. And we give it to you with drag-and-drop functionality and customizable options for icons, titles, transitions, GIFs, video overlays, Instagram stories, presets, text animations, logotypes, slideshows, and more.

AEJuice products blend tens of thousands of animations and effects. Whether you want to add a retro touch to your video or create a share-worthy Instagram story, it’s easy to do with our plugins and presets. Simply arm yourself with those that work for your project and sharpen your skills as you bring your animation ideas to life.

Jaw-dropping bundles and free tools for animations

This is your way to save a bundle. AEJuice bundles are made up of field-tested scripts, plugins, and other tools to elevate your animations while putting cost-efficiency first. Available with up to 99% off, these offerings cover 2D, 3D, and other projects without putting a dent in your pockets.

You can even get one of our I Want It All Bundles to access everything AEJuice is known for, from simple titles to sophisticated liquid transitions and effects. These are available on a subscription basis for a fraction of what you’d pay for the contents of each bundle separately.

Here’s good news for budget-conscious motion designers. What can be better than free presets and plugins that are just as functional as those you used to pay for? Available for Windows and Mac, our free offerings allow you to leverage sound effects, align layers, and more at no cost at all. Find them in packs and add them to your Adobe After Effects to create stunning projects and save money. Plus, save yourself the trouble of using multiple installers to add them to your toolset.

Take your pick for the best software for animations and become a better motion graphics designer with AEJuice!

AEJuice hosts the world's biggest
motion graphics community Motion Lovers.

Are you a Motion Lover? Join us!


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