Basic Troubleshooting

1. Check the technical requirements

If you meet minimum technical requirements go to the next step.

2. Update the plugin

Check if you can download the latest version from the plugin. Press Account – Check for updates.
You can download the latest version here

How to update the plugin

3. Update the package

Important! In case you have an unsaved project you might see an error about missing files. They will reappear once you redownload the package or a specific animation you’ve used. We recommend backing up the project first.
In case your issue is specific to one package, you can redownload the package to get the latest version. Right-click on the box – Delete files. Click on the box again to download it.

4. Send a report

If nothing above helped, please send us a report and describe your issue in detail:

  • Are you using macOS or Windows? What version? Do you use an M1 chip?
  • Are you using After effects or Premiere Pro? What version?
  • Please describe the problem in more detail (record a video or take a screenshot). You can attach a screenshot here in your email. If you want to send us the video, you have to upload it to the cloud (for example to Google Drive) and share a link (please make sure the permission is set to “Anyone with the link”). After that, please attach the link in the report.
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