Effortless Duration Adjustments in After Effects with AEJuice Pack Manager Script!

I have a question: “I have an audio visualizer and I need to manually change the duration of hundreds of comps to adjust it to the new song. Is there a way to automate it?”.
There is!
Go to Window-AEJuice Pack Manager.
Click on the lightning icon – Increase duration.
Enter the desired duration.
The script will go through active composition and its nested compositions recursively and adjust duration (both comps and layers).
You can select a layer to increase only the layer’s duration with its nested precopms.

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Pro tip: you can enter “+5” or “-5” to increase or decrease the duration by 5 seconds.

If you already have our plugins installed go to Windows-AEJuice Pack Manager

If not, here are direct links for the installer
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