How to scale animation in After Effects?

Animations created with vector layers can be scaled without losing quality. This article explains how you can do that. Please keep in mind, not all animations are vector-based and video/images cannot be scaled without losing quality. We try to make them big in advance. It is always a balance between quality and render speed.

1. Change scale

Go to Transform – Scale or select a layer and press S. 

The scale parameter has 2 values: X and Y. By default, they are linked together. You can unlink them by clicking this icon. 

2. Collapse transform

Animation created with vector layers allows you to scale without losing quality. Enable collapse transformation to activate the continuous rasterization, also known as collapse transformation.

This option is not enabled by default because it slows down After Effects. However, you can enable it for all imported animations in the AEJuice Pack Manager settings. Go to Account – Settings and enable the collapse transformation checkbox. 


Please keep in mind the collapse transformation option does not work with some effects and if enabled might distort animations. We recommend enabling it manually only when needed.

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