How to cut in after effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful video editing software that allows users to edit and cut video clips with a variety of different tools and techniques. If you are wondering how to cut in After Effects, it may seem strange at first that there is no traditional “cut” tool like you would find in other video editing software such as Premiere Pro. 

However, there are actually several different methods you can use to cut clips in After Effects:

  1. One way to cut a clip in After Effects is to use the Split Layer feature, which can be found in the Edit tab. To use this method, first select the layer and position the timeline indicator at the desired cut point. Then, go to Edit > Split Layer (Ctrl + Shift + D on PC or CMD + Shift + D on Mac). This will duplicate the layer and cut it into two separate layers, allowing the clip to play uninterrupted but with independent layers. This is the most straightforward method for cutting clips in After Effects, but it requires an extra step since you can’t cut a clip in the middle of the same layer.
  2. Another option for cutting clips in After Effects is to duplicate the layer (Ctrl + D on PC or CMD + D on Mac) and then trim the clip to the desired length by dragging the ends of the layer. This method is especially useful if you want to make precise cuts to specific frames of the clip.

  3. Finally, you can also use the playhead and various shortcuts to quickly trim the beginning or end of a clip. For example, you can use Alt + [ on PC or Option + [ on Mac to trim the beginning of a clip, or Alt + ] on PC or Option + ] on Mac to trim the end of a clip. These shortcuts can be applied to all types of layers, including video layers, shape layers, solids, and adjustment layers. 


By learning and mastering these techniques, you can streamline your workflow and efficiently cut clips in After Effects, allowing you to edit your videos with ease and precision. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced video editor, knowing how to cut in After Effects will help you to quickly and effectively cut clips, saving you time and improving the overall quality of your videos. So, it is always useful to know how to cut a clip in After Effects in order to improve your video editing skills and capabilities.


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