How to use MOGRT files and Premiere Pro projects?

All Premiere Pro packages (except Sounds Effects) are created as MOGRT (Motion Graphics Templates) files. This article will explain a few ways you can edit animations in Premiere Pro.

Pro tip: Some animations have a pre-render and you can import it instead of the MOGRT file. Right-click on the animation and select Import as video if it’s available.

You will need to change the blending mode but the animation will be applied on top of your layer and you will not need to replace a placeholder. Please note that this method is not applicable to all animations.

1. Text editing

1.1. Open an Essential Graphics panel

n n

IMPORTANT! Do not confuse it with the Effects Controls panel.

1.2. Select a layer

Select a layer on the timeline or in the preview window.


Pro tip: you can edit text by double-clicking on it in the preview window

1.3. Edit values

You can edit each value in the Essential Graphics panel. Scroll to see more values.

2. Placeholders

Some MOGRT files require the use of placeholders for effects to be applied correctly.


2.1. Click on the layer

2.2. Go to the Essential Graphics panel – Edit tab

2.3. Click on the Placeholder image and replace it with your image or video from the hard drive.

Sometimes a placeholder might be collapsed. Expand the Logo Placeholder line.

Another way to replace placeholders with text, videos, images, or any other element is to create a nested sequence.

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