Rig bird game #3 in After Effects

In 2 previous parts, our bird learned how to jump and run.
Follow step by step to learn (recommended) or download the project. You can find all assets and the final project in the AEJuice Pack Manager – Newsletter – Rig Bird Game. Here are direct links for the latest plugin version:
Windows  / macOS
The final touch is to turn.

It is easy to mirror the layer by adding the following to Scale:

Speed = effect(“[Speed]”)(“Slider”);
if (Speed >= 0) [100, 100] //if moving right is 1 then regular image
else [-100, 100] //flip in other cases
I’ve added another sprite that detects when the turn is about to happen and shows up right before the turn.
I’ll leave it up to you to figure out since you’ve learned all the components of how to do it (or you could take a look at the project).

Big thank you to Julia for providing a bird illustration and Artem for the help with expressions!

Part 1

Part 2

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