Seamless Transitions for After Effects

This article explains all features of AEJuice Seamless Transitions for After Effects. n Seamless Transitions can be applied on top of 2 photos, videos, or scenes. Place your time indicator exactly between two layers. n All settings should be applied before import. However, you can modify some settings after import. Read about each setting to find out more.


  • Animate
  • Target zoom
  • Filters
  • Ease
  • Duration
  • Wiggle
  • Motion blur
  • Styles

1. Animate

An animate button animates everything for you. Select all photos or videos where you want transitions to be added. Press Animate. 

It randomly selects one of your favorite animations or pre-made combinations of transitions. We picked transitions that will look good together. If you don’t like the result you can press the animate button again and all transitions will be replaced with the next combination. Repeat this process until you like the result.

If you have layers selected from the Seamless Transitions package, the animate button will automatically replace them. An animate button works with an unlimited number of photos/videos.

2. Target zoom

This feature works only with one category called Target Zoom. By default, the target’s position is the center if you import using double click, enter, or an import button. In case if you import using drag n drop, the target’s position is your cursor’s position at the moment of drop. 

You can change the target’s position after the import by clicking on the target zoom button and then clicking on the new position. 

The transition has 2 targets: IN and OUT animation. If you’d like to change them at the same time, your time indicator should be aligned with the “Cut” marker.

If the time indicator is to the left or to the right of the “Cut” marker it will only change IN or OUT animations respectively.

3. Filters

Filters help you find the transition you need. You can filter by:

  • Render speed. Fastest to slowest from left to right. Green is the fastest, dark red is the slowest.
  • Bounce, blur, target zoom, wiggle
  • Direction
  • Inwards or Outwards
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Corners
  • Reset all filters and show all animations

    You can combine multiple filters from sections 1, 2 and a single filter from section 3.

    Here is how it works 

4. Ease

Adjust animation’s ease by choosing one of the three options: IN – in animation is faster than out IN+OUT – in and out animations are the same. OUT – out animation is faster than in

You can adjust the animation’s speed after the import by moving the marker or changing in or out points. In case if you move the marker don’t forget to adjust images below the transition’s layer so the marker is right between 2 images. n

5. Duration

Adjust the transition’s duration by choosing the duration. The value is in seconds. 

You can adjust the duration after the import by dragging the layer’s in or our points. 

6. Wiggle

Add wiggle to any transition by selecting a wiggle strength. Wiggle Mode 1 is the least strong. Mode 7 is the strongest. By default, there is no wiggle applied.

7. Motion Blur

Select how much motion blur you’d like to add.

8. Styles

Apply an additional color correction style on top of any transition. 

9. Having trouble with this package?

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