Unlocking Infinite Paths in After Effects: The Ultimate Looping Guide

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to loop the path in After Effects?
The regular loopOut expression will not work.

Instead, paste this in the property

// Delete expression if you need to edit path
 timeStart = thisProperty.key(1).time;
 duration = thisProperty.key(thisProperty.numKeys).time-timeStart;
 pingPong = false;
 if(quant<0) quant = 0;
 if(quant%2 == 1 && pingPong == true){
 t = 2*timeStart+ (quant+1)*duration – time;
 t = time-quant*duration;
 t = time;
If you need to switch from cycle type to pingpong, replace line 5 from pingpong = false; to pingpong = true;

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