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We present AEJuice Tools - a collection of the best free plugins, free packs, free templates, and free scripts for Adobe After Effects to save you time and money. The total market value is $225. Download free AE plugins and install all of them with a single installer automatically. Sound design has never been easier. Enjoy!

All plugins are compatible with After Effects CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, CC 2020, CC 2021, CC 2022, CC 2023 and CC 2024. Starter Pack, Starter Pack VFX, and Sound Effects are compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro CC 2022, 2023, 2024 and any other video editor. General overview video

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Starter Pack
Starter Pack contains 100+ assets for your projects. Liquid and Shape Elements, Liquid Transitions, Slides for your slideshows, Simple Transitions, Flat icons, and UI elements by Motion Cafe.
AEJuice Export GIF
AEJuice GIF exports GIFs from After Effects in 1 click and it's free! How better can it get? You can check how it works at Experiencing problems with the installation? Install it manually
NeonMind AI
NeonMind AI is smart After Effects tool for working with Stable Diffusion, opening unlimited horizons for your visual ideas.

Generate images and videos right inside After Effects with a prompt!

Now you don't need to be a professional artist or have in-depth knowledge of Stable Diffusion to create impressive artworks. Free version is limited to 512x512px output.
Voiceover AI
Voiceover AI – the tool that turns your text into captivating audio with over 70 natural-sounding voices.

Plus, you get 10 minutes free every month to experience its amazing capabilities.

It’s super easy to use with any video editor, and it’s even better with After Effects – audio imports happen like magic!
Anti-Static ToolBox
The Anti-Static ToolBox is a series of 25 powerful and flexible tools for After Effects. Thank you to Anti-Static for providing a script.
Free Lens Textures
A pack of 8 free lens textures for After Effects, Premiere Pro and any video editors. Thank you Triune Digital for providing these assets.
Sound Effects
AEJuice presents 138 sounds effects for your motion graphics videos. Add clicks, coins, keyboards, whooshes, and other must-have categories to your arsenal. All sound effects were created by a professional sound effects studio Daruma Audio.

UPD. We added 150 more new sounds from KeepForest and S-Cheremisinov.

P.S. Non After Effects users, you can download the library here.
Motion Cafe UI HUD Package
Although this package is part of the Starter Pack we feel it deserves a separate introduction. This project is a collaboration between French community Motion Cafe and AEJuice. All designs were created by the Grégory Villien from the Motion Cafe and AEJuice made it compatible with their Pack Manager plugin for the ease of use. It is completely FREE!
AEJuice Toolbar
Compatible with After Effects CC2021 or higher. AEJuice Toolbar is a customizable toolbar for adding custom buttons, assigning menu commands, expression scripts, processes, and effects. It also enables users to save and apply presets with just one button, as well as add website expressions to the toolbar. The plugin further allows users to call any command from the menu, insert custom scripts to run, and arrange the buttons' order by dragging and holding them. Best of all, this toolbar is completely free.
Starter Pack VFX
10 visual effects in 2K shot on RED camera. Check out ActionVFX for more.
2.5D Devices Collection
A pack of 2.5D (pseudo 3D) mobile devices for After Effects. All popular models are available including iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone Xr, iPad Pro, Galaxy A50. All placeholders have pre-made dimensions.
Quick Folders
Quick Folders (former "Motion Lovers Tools") allows you to quickly navigate most often used folders. Projects, scripts, plugins, render folders available in a single click.
Copy Ease
Copy Ease allows you to copy the speed graph and paste the keyframe velocity with convenient shortcuts. Press Shift+C to copy and Shift+V to paste. You can customize shortcuts in the settings or use regular buttons. Otherwise, you do not need to keep the plug-in window open. This plugin also makes working with curves easier.
Slides - Beginner Collection
Slides - Beginner Collection helps you create a slideshow under 2 minutes. It automatically resizes all photos and aligns the animation with your music.
AEJuice Shifter helps to work with layers. Shift In or Out points by the exact number of frames. Align layers or stagger them by a selected pattern. P.S. all plugins on this page are free, gratis, 비어 있는, 免費, frei, gratuito, бесплатно

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