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Animation Presets Bundle

Animation Presets Bundle


Get 3 products (2D, 3D, and Text handy motion presets) for After Effects at a discounted price!

Products included in this bundle:

The total price of all products is $167. Save $68 by purchasing this bundle.

If you own a previous version of this bundle, you can upgrade it to get all of the latest products.


Each preset has 9 directions (right, left, center, bottom, top, bottom right, bottom left, top left, top right) and 3 modes (ease-in, ease in + out, ease-out, bounce). 5000+ presets were counted including these variations.


After Effects CS6, CC 12, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019 or CC 2020.

Products included in this bundle:

Total Purchased Separately
$237 $165
Animation Presets Bundle (3 Products)
$237 $69


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Single user license, to create unlimited number of videos for unlimited number of clients.

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Products in this bundle

2D Animation Presets
3D Animation Presets
Text Animation Presets


V2 update is here!

What's new in V2?

- New feature: 3 keyframe modes - apply all presets as regular keyframes!
- New feature: keyframe bounce mode - apply all presets as regular keyframes with a standard bounce expression!
- New feature: flexible keyframe bounce controls (amplitude, frequency, decay) for each animated property
- New feature: switch the number of bounces right in the toolbar
- New feature: set your own keyframe velocity parameters for each keyframe mode in the settings
- New feature: set your own bounce parameters (amplitude, frequency, decay) in the settings
- New feature: locate presets in the plug-in by clicking the search icon
- Updated expression ease in text presets, now more smooth
- If you already own Animation Presets Bundle V1, the update is free

V3 update is here!

What's new in V3?

- New feature: browse keyframe eases library (24 pre-made animation types)
- New feature: disable motion blur
- New feature: animate all layers with a shortcut and closed plugin (only for Animation Presets Bundle's owners)
- New feature: animate all layers using the only favorite presets (only for Animation Presets Bundle's owners)
- If you already own Animation Presets Bundle V1 or V2, the update is free

How to update?

- Log in into the Pack Manager plug-in, right-click the package and press Update
- If you do not have the latest plug-in version, you might be asked to update the plug-in first. Press an account icon - Check for updates and press Update


Frequent asked questions

It is one of the methods to apply presets. When you press an animate button, it selects presets for you and animates all selected layers. Press it again and you get a completely new animation. You even can RAM preview while you're doing this so you can check a dozen of animations in a few seconds.

We grouped all presets by different options and an Animate button selects presets that will most likely work together well.

By default, presets are applied as an expression with a marker. Keyframe modes allow you to apply presets as regular keyframes.

Absolutely, you can set your own keyframe velocity settings for IN and OUT animations. It works in the same way as you would do it in After Effects for a regular keyframe. You can change settings for each of 3 keyframe modes.

The bounce mode allows you to apply presets as keyframes with a standard bounce expression. You can customize amplitude, frequency and velocity controls for each animated property. Also, you can switch the number of bounces right on the toolbar.

Absolutely! There are 4 bounce modes and you can customize default amplitude, frequency, and decay for each of them.

Yes! You can switch to the keyframe or bounce modes and presets will be as fast as your regular keyframes.

Yes! You can edit presets like any other keyframes in After Effects with bounce and keyframe modes. Also, you can customize every little detail of the preset to adjust for your project.

Yes! Our presets work without the plug-in. You can share the project file to your colleagues and it will work. You can also enable keyframe mode and your colleagues will be able to fine-tune the animation graphics as if you did not use any presets at all.

Yes, we offer 60 days money back guarantee. If you’re disappointed for any reason just send us an email.

Yes! There are no limits and you can combine any presets from any of our packages. For example, you can apply IN preset from a Text Animation Presets package and OUT preset from 2D Animation Presets package.

No, all presets packages have the same structure. Once you know how to use one of them, you know how to use all of them.

Yes, absolutely! You can change the text after applying any presets (Text, 2D, and 3D)

Yes, Text Presets work with any language.

Yes, Text Presets work with any font.

You can remove an effect by removing a marker (hold Ctrl and click on a marker or hold Command and click on the marker on Mac). If you're using a paid version you can remove a preset by clicking on the trash icon.

6 reviews for Animation Presets Bundle

Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

Time Saver Tools and best of alll, fully customizable

Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

Great experience

Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

Ae Juice is simply the best and easiest to use. I own ALL the products and eagely await their next release. It has made many of my projects stand out from the crowd!

Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

Thank you so much Love it thank for ur hard work

Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

Not only is Jacob's work beautiful, but his customer support is also wonderful! He answers emails super quickly, communicates clearly and is eager to help! A perfect first AEJuice transaction for me!

Verified Buyer
5 out of 5

I had a *tiny* issue getting something to work, and the author was SUPER fast to send me a tutorial video. Above and beyond!!

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